Intelligently manage witness testimony and gain the advantage!

MediaRebel is the most technologically advanced video deposition platform available today. You will greatly increase your ability to effectively manage witness testimony, and instantly glean insightful psychological and emotional behavior – allowing you to profile each witness.

For instant access, quickly and easily upload video depositions (with exhibits!) to begin using our core features – including intelligent analytics to better evaluate your key legal strategies. Unveil signs of deception or emotionally charged statements that will determine how a witness is perceived by both judge and jury.

Core features include:

  • Auto-sync video & transcript playback
  • Auto-hyperlink exhibits
  • Search & locate testimony
  • Assign issues & notes to testimony
  • Manage issues & notes
  • Invite and manage user access

Intelligent analytical features include:

  • Search transcript based upon witness emotions
  • Instantly playback testimony based upon select emotions
  • Identify positive, negative & neutral witness behavior
  • Psychologically evaluate overall perception of witness

Make MediaRebel an element of your intelligent case strategy by uploading your video depositions today!