Boost Your Bottom Line as a MediaRebel Affiliate

Recommending the power of MediaRebel’s advanced video deposition platform to clients will help set your business apart from your competition and boost your bottom line. Whether your business is a court reporter, eDiscovery, forensic CPA, or expert psychologist, both you and your clients can benefit from becoming a MediaRebel affiliate. Our comprehensive turnkey solution offers the value and convenience of a powerful video deposition review platform without the inconvenience and expense.

JJoin the MediaRebel Affiliate Partnership Program and focus on what you do best, while clients enjoy an entire suite of advanced, cloud-based, video deposition management tools. Our affiliate program is easy to use and rewarding:

  • Free to join, plus you’ll receive a 10% affiliate commission on all user subscriptions
  • Free to upload transcript, exhibits and video(s)
  • Your clients receive a two week free trial period for every deposition uploaded through your firm
  • Free transcript and video synch with your MDB or XML transcripts
  • Latest video deposition technology
  • Secure cloud-based testimony management
  • No technical training required
  • Support and marketing materials provided
  • Build and retain customer loyalty

Become a MediaRebel Affiliate in 4 easy steps:

  1. Register -it’s fast, free and easy.
  2. Quickly upload your transcript, video, and exhibits to the secure MediaRebel cloud.
  3. Invite clients and users to review the deposition with our two week free trial offer. After the trial period, your clients may decide to continue with our services by purchasing one or more subscriptions.
  4. You receive a referral fee for every registered client accessing MediaRebel (initial two weeks free).

Imagine the additional revenue that could flow to your firm with no extra effort on your part. For every deposition you upload, there will probably be at least two or more subscribers. For example, both the plaintiff’s law firm and the defendant’s law firm may want to take advantage of this opportunity, and each firm may have multiple subscribers such as colleagues, industry experts and the client.

Adding a profitable cloud-based video deposition review platform to your court reporting or other business has never been easier!

REGISTER NOW to begin your affiliation and be part of the revolution in video depositions.

Becoming a MediaRebel affiliate could be the best thing that has ever happened to your bottom line. Contact MediaRebel today to learn more about the power of our video deposition platform.