Fast, Secure & Reliable Video Deposition Platform

Now you can gain a significant competitive edge by effectively managing witness testimony and efficiently organizing key facts. MediaRebel empowers lawyers to build stronger strategies, ask the right questions and attain successful legal strategies that win cases.

The advanced Video Deposition Platform from MediaRebel makes it easy to store, search, analyze and collaborate globally with clients, colleagues and industry experts.

Advanced Core Product Features & Benefits:

  • Secure Virtual Private Cloud
  • True Streaming Technology (instantly skip to any part of the video with no annoying buffering)
  • Auto-Sync Video & Transcript (see and hear testimony)
  • Auto-Hyperlink Exhibits (one-click access to evidence)
  • User Management (invite an unlimited number of colleagues, experts & clients)
  • Secure Access (complete control over user permissions & case privacy)
  • Search Transcript (with instant video playback)
  • Instantly Locate Exhibits (matched with corresponding testimony)
  • Email Transcript Passages(instantly share key facts)
  • Manage Issues (assign issue tags to key testimony)
  • Manage Notes (maintain public or private notes by user)
  • Play List (seamlessly play-back synch’d transcript & video by issues)
  • Instant Access (cross-platform, mobile & tablet compatible)

Access Synch’d Video, Transcript and Exhibits Anytime, Anywhere

When you consider the cost of taking a deposition, doesn’t it make sense to get the best possible results from that testimony? Using our platform means you can eliminate the tedious copying of files, avoid over-priced delivery expenses, and eradicate costly time delays. MediaRebel makes video depositions easy to navigate and manage, allowing lawyers to glean crucial insights into witness behavior effortlessly. This powerful, state-of-the-art video deposition platform gives your firm the competitive intelligence it needs to take case preparation to the next level.

This potent post-deposition platform is the most technologically advanced case preparation tool available today, and a must-have. Contact MediaRebel to learn more about putting the power of video depositions to work for your firm