EmoProfiler an Intelligent Witness Emotion Profiler Analytic

With 95% accuracy, gain powerful insight about overall witness testimony and behavior. Identify key evidence that may have been overlooked by using MediaRebel’s Witness Emotion Profiler (“EmoProfiler”) to unveil signs of deception or emotionally charged statements that will determine how a witness is perceived by judge and jury.

Intelligent decisions and case strategies are based upon having the full picture of facts and not just a typed transcript. MediaRebel also enables you to incorporate the unspoken testimony - the emotion displayed by a witness when expressing their stories and reacting to questions. The emotional aspect of testimony is just as important as the actual spoken words, if not more.

EmoProfiler Features & Benefits:

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • 95% Accuracy (based on proven science)
  • Auto Identify Emotions (joy, surprise, anger, disgust, fear, sadness & contempt)
  • Search By Emotion (identify testimony by emotion)
  • Search By Intensity (identify emotional over reactions)
  • Overall Witness Perception (by positive, negative or neutral)
  • Emotion Play List (instantly play testimony on select emotions)
  • Reporting (overall psychological witness profile)
  • Shared Access (collaborated results)


 The Neuroscience Behind MediaRebel’s EmoProfiler

MediaRebel’s EmoProfiler uses powerful a computer algorithm to automate the Facial Action Coding System (“FACS”). Research on facial coding dates back to studies by Charles Darwin, who concluded that common facial expressions are universal. In the 1970s, psychologist Paul Ekman’s early work identified the universality of six core emotions. He also is well known for popularizing a FACS that systematically describes facial expressions and movements.

MediaRebel modernizes the traditional FACS process in two ways. First, MediaRebel automates the painstaking FACS manual labeling process, adding speed and scalability. Second, MediaRebel extends beyond the six core emotions to incorporate expressions and emotions better suited to real-world assessment of human beings providing eye witness testimony and recounting factual information.