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Supported Video formats
Latest list of supported video file formats for uploading to MediaRebel

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Comprehensive information on all user and administrative features

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Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How can I sign-up for MediaRebel?
    Click Signup on the MediaRebel Login screen and fill in your information
  • How much does MediaRebel cost?
    $129 per user, per deposition, per year
  • Do you offer bulk/enterprise licensing?
    Yes, please contact MediaRebel Support for details
  • What are MediaRebel's security policies?
    You may access MediaRebel’s Privacy Policy which is also
    accessible by clicking on “Privacy” at the bottom of each web page.
  • Can I sign-up for my another individual in my firm?
    Yes. Although the newly added user will be required to
    verify his/her email address